2011. február 1., kedd

Neo-Fascist Hungarian Roma strategy ?

Dear European Citizens!
European Roma brothers and sisters!

Since Hungary is currently the President of the EU, and since it will be Hungary that elaborates the common European Roma strategy program this semester, I think it essential to become familiar with the internal political situation of the Roma issues in Hungary.

A few days ago Gábor Vona chairman of the famed Jobbik, the racist, radical right-wing, neo-fascist Hungarian parliamentary party that is famous for its anti-Semitic actions, held a so-called season opening speech. In front of the at large public he said, as follows:

Nearly one-hour speech Vona Gábor
  • „One of the biggest problems in Hungary is that there are too many Roma-children born.

  •  „Overpopulation” of the Gypsy people must be rolled back.”

  • „In his opinion the situation of Roma should be solved by removing the children from their families, and educating them in state-run homes run by the big churches.”

Citizens of Democratic Europe, European Roma Brothers and Sisters!

What do you think about these overtly racist phrases spoken?

Could this be the Hungarian Roma Strategy?

The saddest thing in all is that no one has responded to these anti-democratic, anti-Gypsy sentences with the exception of the Hungarian Socialist Party in the Hungarian political public life. No one has done anything to protect the gypsies in destitution!

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is silent; it is a fearful silence! I wonder what the reason might agree with this neo-fascist rhetoric. Why did not he protect his nearly one million Roma compatriots immediately? In the European parliament he pretends as he were a socially sensitive man, but at home he turns his head when seeing the suffering of people that live in extreme poverty.

Florián Farkas, the new president of the National Roma Self-government nor protested for his own people either. It is not too surprising, because he has never defended his own people from the radical-right wing attacks! His behaviour reflected that he even agreed with them. You should know that the National Roma Self-Government of the Hungarian Gypsies is not an independent advocacy organization, but a puppet organization under the leadership of the current government.

Lívia Járóka, Representative of the European Parliament is silent, too. She is also a politician paid and managed by the current Hungarian government.

There is no independent Roma advocacy in Hungary today.

Democratic Citizens of Europe, European Roma Brothers and Sisters!

In Hungary, the Common Strategy of Roma and about the fate of 22 million 
European Roma people is – among others - in the hands of the above-mentioned people!

Béla Radics 
Independent Roma Aktivist
                                                                          Translation help: N. Z.