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Béla Radics: Reply to the „Official Party Communiqué” by Flórián Farkas

PIDESZ Party directed politician Flórián Farkas, new president of the National Roma Municipality (ÖCO) that functions also under the total power of the FIDESZ (Hungarian gavernment-party) began his bootlicker and anti-Roma activity. He has already issued a communiqué for the MTI (Hungarian Press Agency) in which he immediately started to protect his Lord and master.

“It is unfair to accuse the Hungarian Government and its leader with anti-Semitism and racism. Representation of the Roma interests has been ensured at the local, regional and national level, since the Hungarian law ensures every possibility and right for the national minorities in Hungary” wrote Flórián Farkas in his apparently official party announcement.
(see: http://portal.c-press.hu/201101287879/belfold/oco-meltatlan-a-rasszizmus-es-antiszemitizmus-vadja.html)

This communiqué by Flórián Farkas have several weak points; it is untrue and is also against the Roma. Instead of serving the interest of the Roma it defends the interest of a party.

It is well-known that Parliamentary representation of the national and ethnic minorities in Hungary has not been settled for 20 years now, and therefore the Hungarian legislation and all the consequent governments have been encumbered with violating the Constitution (since 1989). The rate of the Roma population in Hungary is approximately 8%, therefore, the Roma ought to have approximately 20 democratically elected representatives in the Hungarian Parliament.

Instead, there are only 3 representatives of Roma origin, whose task is not the real and authoritative representation of the Roma but the strict follow-up of the policy of their party, i.e. “PARTY REGULARITY”.

The Minority Election Act is antidemocratic at several points on local, regional and also national levels. The law does not allow participation at the election for independent representatives that undertake their identity and that wish to act for their people. It prescribes that only members of parties or organizations may participate on the elections as representatives. Besides, there is a dull act that defines that who can be considered as Roma in Hungary: the one that considers himself a Roma. This act is the forcing-bed of the “Ethno business”!

Its absurdity: Based on the act in question, the Hungarian party called the JOBBIK FOR HUNGARY that has been proved a racist, anti-Semitic and discriminative may found a Gypsy Minority Municipality any time. An absurdity within absurdity is that the four persons in arrest for accused by murdering the Roma have the right to identify themselves as Roma!

Flórián Farkas also claims that his party and government, and also his master and commander “Monsieur” Viktor Orbán has been accused with racism and anti-Semitism!

The party servant of the FIDESZ (Hungarian gavernment-party) Mr.President must have some disturbances of his memory.

He forgets about the fact
• that it was his party, his master and commander responsible for the fact that the JOBBIK party could enter the Parliament wearing their fascist uniform.

• that his party, his master and commander have never isolated openly from the extreme rightist, anti-Semitic, racist and anti-Roma rhetoric and behaviour.

• that his party, his master and commander permitted for FIDESZ politicians and their Madách Prize Awarded “icons” together with their extreme rightist colleagues called for the so-called true Hungarians to act against the Roma in one of the FIDESZ TV channels.

• Mr.Presidents has also forgotten about the main slogan at the sympathising demonstration with the Madách Prize Awarded FIDESZ celebrity – that we may rightfully call an anti-Roma demonstration – was “Death For the Roma!” In the background we saw the Vice President of the Fidesz – Lungo Drom, Félix Farkas, as well.

The photo shows:
(Zsolt Bayer, or as he has been recently defined in Europe the “Feces-Antisemite”. Behind hem: Vice President of the Lungo Drom Félix Farkas. The crowd is shouting happily in the background: “Death to the Gypsies!” )

• Flórián Farkas does not remember that tens of thousand Roma brothers and sisters were obliged to leave their homeland during the FIDESZ government in 1998-2002, and to settle down and ask for refugee in foreign countries, and as a consequence of this Roma exodus it was himself that representing the interests of the FIDESZ government acted against the interest of the Roma while acting as a false witness in Canada. It was also announced by the Appellate Courtyard of Canada.

We could enlist for long the details of the political behaviour that made several people believe that our present government is racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Roma. I can state that the FIDESZ, “Monsieur” Viktor Orbán and Flórián Farkas when seeing the age-old persecution of the Roma turned their heads away instead of sticking up for them.

Flórián Farkas mentioned the uniform Roma strategy supported also by the EU, as the “reason” of the attack against “them”! 

Therefore we call on the Hungarian Government to publicise details of the Roma strategy and the identity of the “experts” involved! We also call on the leaders of every European democratic country to involve experts and lay supporters of Roma origin independent from political forces and parties that wish to act for their own people!

Europe has no right to make decisions upon groups of peoples without asking for the opinion of the millions of interested, leaving them out of the decision making, legislation and programs. This would be the profanation of democracy and the basic human rights!

 Béla Radics (founding member – Independent and Authentic Roma Right Movement)

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